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  27th - 28th April 2017

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15th Conference 2017 

Thanks to the conference sponsors, BAE Systems (Military Air & Information), we were able to offer the following prizes at RDPM2015:

- A £100 prize for the best student-led research paper

- A £100 prize for the best student presentation at the conference

Resulting in the following:

Best Student-Led Research Paper:

3rd Place - Adam Blaney, Lancaster University with Adaptive Materials: Utilising Additive Manufactured Scaffolds to Control Self-Organising Material Aggregation

2nd Place - Cay Green, Loughborough University with Data Driven Product Personalisation and Potential Effects on Product Lifespans

1st Place - Farhana Norazman, Sheffield University with The Effect of Surface Modification on Mechanical Properties of High Speed Sintered Elastomers

Best Student Presentation:

3rd Place - Sarah Kelly, Loughborough University for her presentation entitled A Review of Wrist Splint Designs for Additive Manufacture

2nd Place - Bethany King, Lancaster University for her presentation entitled Multi-Material Additive Manufacture of Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors

1st Place - Troy Bodkin, Loughborough University for his presentation entitled Towards Additive Manufacture of Next Generation Prosthetics, Assessing Emerging CAD Strategies for Improving the Existing CAD Process Order

A special thanks to BAE Systems for sponsoring both these prizes.

Prizes for the Best Student-Led Research Paper and Best Student Presentation at RDPM2017 Conference will be sponsored by Euriscus Ltd.